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January Is Financial Wellness Month

January 05, 2024

January is a month to renew ourselves, evaluate where we have been, what we have accomplished and map out a plan for where we want to go. In addition to making goals regarding our health, family, and general well being it is important we consider our financial goals.  

Just this morning I saw a post on social media that said, "teach your children the 10% rule." This rule is so simple, but probably not as easy to follow as I may hope. The rule is for every dollar you make you save 10%. A dime for every dollar. My challenge to my two girl's this year will be to see if they can do this. 

Sometimes I wish rules for my financial goals were as simple. From retirement savings, to investing, or buying a home  adult financial goals can be a little more complex and need a more complex plan. 

Here are some questions to consider as we begin the New Year:

Am I making progress toward my financial goals?

When would I like to retire and how much money may I need to make that happen?

Will I be able to afford my children college tuition? How much will they need? 

Am I comfortable with the risk of my investments? 

Do I feel like the outlook on the economy is grim or positive for 2024? 

All of these questions are perfect considerations for your personal financial plan for 2024 and beyond! 

If you are ready to start or review your financial plan we would love to talk to you. 


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