LPL Research

Global Portfolio Strategy | June 7, 2023

LPL Research downgraded equities to neutral from positive, upgraded fixed income to positive from neutral, and downgraded industrial metals to…..

Client Letter | Debt Ceiling Drama Is Behind Us | June 7, 2023

Now that the debt ceiling deal has been made, LPL Research explains why it's time to focus on long-term objectives...

Closing Out Our Equities Overweight | Weekly Market Commentary | June 5, 2023

LPL Research explains why its STAAC is lowering its recommended equities allocation to neutral...

How Much of a Problem is Concentrated Leadership? | Weekly Market Commentary | May 30, 2023

LPL Research discusses how mega-cap technology companies have powered the broader market higher this year and if that is a…..

Will History Rhyme? A Fed Pause Has Been Good for Fixed Income | Weekly Market Commentary | May 22, 2023

LPL Research discusses how a Federal Reserve pause has been good for fixed income in the past...

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